Shining Moon Pagan Jewelry

About Us

I started Shining Moon Creations in 1998 to market my fantasy and metaphysical jewelry lines. Since that time, the two lines of jewelry has grown steadily to the point where I really needed to split them into seperate websites. So was born. You can see my other site at which has many one of a kind pieces of jewelry featuring dragon, fairies, and mermaids.

Fair Pricing Policy

We don't try to get you with very low prices at first and then hit you with high shipping charges and an extra charge for the necklace for your pendants. The price you see is the price you pay. This price includes free shipping. All pendants also come with a free 18-inch sterling silver chain.


We strive to use only the best possible materials in our work. All pieces are made using sterling silver, gold, or very occasionally copper. None of the pieces on this site are pewter, silver plate, or other low end base metals. Unless noted in the item description all stones are real. We occasionally use synthetic, labratory created, stones in cases such as star sapphires and rubies where the cost of natural stones is prohibative for production jewelry. In these cases, we will note that the stones are lab created. If you are interested in replacing these synthetic stones with real ones, please email us for a price quote.

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